Home staging

     Professional preparation and presentation of properties for sale and rent to potential buyers.
     Every property has its potential - you just need to uncover the possibilities of your home and highlight them properly. For the most part, photographs or listings are the first glimpse of a property that potential buyers have - these need to be made professionally in order to highlight strengths, arrangement potential and to accurately reflect the actual condition of the property.
Home Staging is assisting you to prepare your apartment, house or commercial premises to sell or rent. Our job is not to create a falsified image of your property, but to show the potential and strengths of the property by styling it properly.
     Home staging requires a professional photo session – although everybody nowadays has a camera, e.g. in their telephones, not everybody has expertise and skills to take good pictures of properties, to show the very best side of one’s home, to be aware of what requires special attention, what is important to potential buyers – in other words, how to get them interested in our product or appeal to our customers: buyers and tenants.

     With our clients' needs in mind, we have developed VIRTUAL TOUR service which is a perfect solution for those who want to sell their property quickly - 3D visualisation emphasises strengths and best features of your property. This solution is also ideal for clients who want to buy an apartment, because it allows them to find out details about the selected investment without stepping out of their home.

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