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    The VERITAS licensed real estate agency is engaged in the business of real estate brokerage and real estate management. Our principal goal is to provide the highest quality services. We offer professional service and guarantee the security of each transaction. We respect your time. What sets VERITAS Nieruchomości apart is individualised approach with each client. 

  •     You don't know the real estate market?
  •     You don't know what to buy? 
  •     How to sell at a premium? 
  •     Will my investment generate any profit? 
  •     How not to lose money? 
  •     Do you rent your apartment for a good price?

    Don't worry! Start working with us and all of your concerns will disappear! Step by step we will explain to you and take you through each transaction, ensuring your legal security as well as satisfaction.
    In the interest of your security, we have engaged specialists who will carry out the transaction, starting from verifying property status to obtaining financing for the transaction.
  Transaction security that our real estate agency guarantees for the seller/landlord. The seller or landlord can be sure that they will not be dealing with somebody random, but with a person that has been verified by our real estate agency – that had their ID particulars recorded.
     It is often the case that properties have undetermined legal status. In such cases a real estate agent, with her/his expertise and, above all, experience can verify the documents and assist in regulating the legal status of the property concerned.
     By carrying out your transaction with a real estate agent you minimise your risk of losing money or wasting time.
     The real estate agent will gather all the documents necessary for a preliminary agreement or an agreement transferring ownership, which significantly reduces waiting time for drafting a notarised agreement.
     Sellers/Landlords save both their time and money – after handing over the keys, they can request the estate agent to handle the presentation of the property or to negotiate a pre-agreed price. Thus, as is often the case, the property owner and the buyer/tenant do not need to arrive until the appointed time for signing the ready and waiting notarised agreement.
    Our long-standing experience is confirmed by the following certificates:

  •     Real Estate Broker's Licence No 14431,
  •     Property Management Licence No 22284
  •     Obligatory OC Insurance

and our membership of:

  •     National Real Estate Management Institute
  •     BCK-SPON: the Bielsko-Częstochowsko-Katowickie Real Estate Brokers' Association in Katowice, a member organisation of the Polish Real Estate Federation.

    As professional and best possible service is our priority, we continually improve the quality of our services by on-going training programs and implementation of new technologies designed for the real estate market.
We work with:

  •     notarial offices
  •     law firms
  •     tax consultancies
  •     financial advisers
  •     architects
  •     real estate agencies


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