As our goal is to provide comprehensive service to each client, for your convenience we have started working with credit adviser Łukasz Kubista of the Libertus Group credit house. 

As Libertus Group we have been present in the market for four years, while, as credit advisers, we have been operating for 15 years. We earned our first stripes as bank employees - that is why we have inside knowledge of how banks operate. Subsequent years were spent working in corporate financial intermediation, working for two largest companies in Poland.

Our range of responsibilities was extensive and continued to evolve - from a rank-and-file employee to a director, manager, head of a branch, where what counted, apart from subject-matter knowledge, was personnel management skills as well as focus on branch performance.

There came a time, however, when we decided to fight for our freedom - freedom of choice, working time freedom, freedom to choose how to communicate with our clients - hence Libertus - which in Latin means “freedom, independence”.

At present, we are not bound by sales targets, restricted by instructions from top management - it is up to us to decide where we meet our clients, it is together with them that we develop our action plans. Over the past 2 years we have driven over 75 000 km and brokered loans to several hundred clients.

After an appointment with me, you will:

  • know your creditworthiness, depending on individual banks' criteria;
  • know which document you need to gather yourself, and which I can gather for you;
  • receive detailed simulations of 3 alternative, comparable loan offers;
  • be aware of up-front fees – bank, notarial, court fees as well as stamp duty;
  • be aware of the amount of the instalment together with additional costs as well as estimated total cost of the loan; 
  • know what the loan process looks like, how long it takes and what happens at each stage.

My services are completely free of charge, and my objective is to disburse a loan that is the cheapest and best suited to your needs.

Please contact me:
Łukasz Kubista

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